Ultimate Adventure

Can’t decide which treasure hunt team building activity to choose?  No problem!  The Ultimate Adventure treasure hunt provides the perfect solution.

The Ultimate Adventure treasure hunt includes a combination of our favourite tasks, challenges, and clues from the likes of City Adventure, Secret Agent Challenge, and the Urban Olympics treasure hunts and is the perfect solution if you just can’t decide which option to go for!

During this ultimate treasure hunt team building activity, teams are encouraged to harness their creativity and communication to complete photo and video challenges together with a series of trivia and questions. Teams will need to stay alert, as there is no way of telling what could come up next! This team challenge is guaranteed to get people working together, and having a blast whilst they’re doing it.

Armed with the latest GPS enable tablets, pre-loaded with a variety of hotspots, the city streets, parks and venues become your playground and will see teams solving spy-inspired tasks and re-enacting the greatest sporting moments. What’s more, this theme can be completely customised to suit your needs or team objectives.

Each Ultimate Adventure treasure hunt starts with an uplifting briefing your event manager. Participants will then set off with their tablets, navigating their chosen location. With a huge variety of content, the challenge will keep teams engaged throughout with multiple choice questions, video challenges, photos to take and music clips to identify.

Points are awarded for correctly completing tasks and the live scoreboard will update throughout the game to keep everyone on their toes! At the end of the event, your event manager will show the best photos and videos from the day, before announcing the winners in an entertaining finale!

Have a look at some of our other treasure hunt team building options, or contact a member of our team to see how we can help!

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