The Art Heist

‘The Art Heist’ is the ultimate virtual escape room corporate team building activity!

You’re in the frame. You need to escape. You must beat the clock. The question is simple; do you and your team have what it takes to crack this fiendish challenge?

This 90-minute virtual escape room team building activity combines tasks, riddles and puzzles that will put your problem-solving skills to the test.  Starting out in a locked office, you are in the frame as an accessory to the perfect art heist. Participants must work together using a unique gameplay app to complete a series of tasks and interactive challenges before they can ‘escape’.

Armed with a tablet or smartphone (provided by the participants) loaded with the virtual escape room gameplay app, teams will have to unpick evidence, unravel cryptic messages and avoid the curveballs that will be thrown at them along the way. Teamwork and logic skills will be thoroughly tested in this virtual escape room scenario.

Interactive and engaging, this unique virtual escape room team building activity is an ideal solution to help keep your team motivated and engaged. And because The Art Heist is played ‘virtually’, it can be delivered for any number of participants, regardless of where they are located in the World.

Available in three flexible formats…

This activity offers complete flexibility and can be run in virtual, hybrid, or face to face formats depending on your circumstances and situation.


Running this activity virtually, all participants can dial into the Zoom call from wherever they are, whether it’s at home or in the office, in the UK or abroad. Your dedicated event facilitator will welcome guests, deliver your event briefing remotely, split the group into teams, and run your event from start to finish. At the end of the activity, your facilitator will announce the results and ‘wrap up’.


With some physical ‘in person’ teams taking part from the office or venue and some ‘virtual’ teams dialling in from home or elsewhere, the hybrid solution is a great way to get everyone involved in your event no matter what the circumstances. Just like the virtual option, your event facilitator will brief everyone via Zoom, arrange the teams, and run everything from start to finish.

Face to Face

This option allows everyone to enjoy a fun, engaging, and safe team building activity, ‘face to face’ with their colleagues. Run from the office or venue, your activity will still be delivered via Zoom by an experienced facilitator who will look after everything, from the initial welcome to the final wrap up.

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