Virtual Horse Racing Night

At The Races is the ultimate virtual horse racing night and is guaranteed to get everyone involved as they go head to head in a series of six high energy, nerve-jangling races.

Your virtual horse racing night begins with a two-minute video that sets the stage and explains how to play. The game is very simple, and every player has a choice of only three actions. However, a strategy is key to success with this activity as each action a player takes will affect the outcome of the race and means no two games are ever the same.

How it works

Your virtual horse racing night will consist of six races and will last for approximately 60 minutes from start to finish. Each race begins with a short overview of the track and conditions, then an action phase for about four minutes.  During this phase, teams will be placed into breakout rooms so that they can strategise together and make their decisions. A shared display on everyone’s screen shows the constantly changing odds for each of the horses as people take their actions. Do you grab great odds early on (but signal your interest in that horse) or do you wait for others to play their hand and dive in at the last minute?

After the action phase, your event host will bring everyone back into the main call to watch the race and cheer together. When the race is over, the winning teams are announced. A short period of celebration, taunting and groans is quickly followed by the next race where it’s back to your breakout rooms to adjust your team strategy and try again.

At the Races is an action-packed virtual horse racing night that is quick to learn and fun to play. While everyone plays individually and chooses their own actions, the game consistently proves that teams that plan and coordinate their actions together are the most successful – and who doesn’t like to win?

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