Virtual Murder Mystery

You and your team have been brought in to investigate the murder at Cadaver Manor. Are your detective skills sharp enough to solve the murder and catch the killer?

Manor House Murder is a virtual murder mystery team building activity like no other!  This highly interactive problem-solving event is designed to test your crime-solving skills. CSI meets Cluedo in this classic ‘whodunit’, requiring players to work together to unlock and examine key evidence such as witness statements and suspect interviews, using augmented reality to reveal hidden information along the way.

As you explore the crime scene via an interactive map, you’ll complete tasks and challenges which will help you acquire evidence and assist with your investigation. Manor House Murder is one of our most popular virtual team building activities and is the perfect event if you are looking to have some fun with your colleagues.

Hosted via video conference and one of our virtual event managers, points will be awarded for successfully completing observational and trivia questions, as well as fun photo and video tasks, all whilst identifying the weapon, murderer and motive.

Remote Virtual Murder Mystery Event

This virtual murder mystery activity is run remotely using a unique, interactive gameplay app, in conjunction with Zoom (or another video conferencing package if you prefer).  This allows participants located across the country to take part in a fun and engaging team activity with their colleagues without leaving their homes. Your event will be hosted from start to finish by an experienced event manager/facilitator to ensure everyone has a great time.

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