How much do team building activities cost?

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Up until now, team building prices were a bit of an unknown entity as nobody seemed to publish details on how much team building activities cost.  Naturally, this makes it difficult to plan and budget for your next team building event or away day.

As a result, we have written this article. We hope that this will make it easier for teams to budget for their next event and make activity costs a little more transparent.

BROWSE Team Building Activities

How much do corporate team building activities cost?

There is no getting around the fact that team building costs do vary, and prices will be dependent upon how many people are taking part in the event, where you will hold the event, and which activity you choose.

Our range of app-based activities are our most affordable team building activities and are priced at just £15 per person, plus £295 per remote facilitator (1 per 50 people) ex VAT.  Take a look at the different low cost, app-based team building activities we offer.

The table below provides a range of prices (from budget activities to high-end ones) for different numbers of participants.  There are lots of options in-between these price brackets, and our team would be happy to provide some costs for your particular event.

Number of participants Prices From Prices To
10 £1,200 £2,995
20 £1,200 £3,495
30 £1,600 £3,995
40 £2,000 £4,895
50 £2,495 £5,990
60 £2,795 £7,000
70 £3,095 £8,200
80 £3,395 £9,300
90 £3,695 £10,400
100 £3,995 £11,495

All costs are subject to VAT and are for guidance only.

What about virtual team building activities?

Virtual team building activities tend to be a more cost-effective option as they are run remotely and don’t have the same staff, logistic, or equipment costs that a face-to-face team building activity would have.  Virtual team building activities are now more popular than ever, and due to their lower price, are a great option if you have a limited budget.

What do team building costs include?

Costs for a team building activity will usually include everything needed to run your activity from start to finish.  All of the equipment, friendly and experienced staff, White Rhino travel costs to your chosen venue, pre-event planning, and public liability insurance are all included in our event costs.

Team building costs don’t include venue hire, although this is something we can help you with if required.

Does the location I choose affect the cost?

The location of your event will affect the cost of your team building activity slightly but not substantially.  If travel time to your chosen location is quite high, it may be necessary to accommodate the crew overnight so that we can ensure the team arrive fresh and raring to go!  We always try to keep travel costs to an absolute minimum with all team building activities, and typically no overnight accommodation is required.

Will the day of the week affect the cost of my activity?

The day of the week won’t typically have an impact on the cost of your team building activity unless you choose to hold your event on a Bank Holiday.  If this is the case there may be a slight increase in the price due to the increased staff costs.

Why are some team building activities much more expensive than others?

There are a variety of reasons why some team building activities may be more expensive than others.  The main factor is the number of staff required to run the activity, and also how much equipment we will need for the event.

A team building activity that requires a lot of staff to run it will typically be more expensive.  Likewise, an activity that uses a lot of bulky equipment will also work out more precisely due to the travel costs involved and the number of people needed to set up and clear down the activity.

Events such as The Italian Job and Solent RIB Adventure are also more expensive due to the vehicle costs involved.

Does the time of day have an impact on the cost of my event?

The time of day you choose to run your event won’t usually make a difference to the price of your team building activity unless it is particularly early or late.

If I have a shorter team building activity, will it cost less?

Whether your activity lasts for 1 hour or 3 hours, the amount of equipment and staff needed for the event is not significantly different (and is often the same).   As a result, shortening the duration of your chosen activity won’t reduce the cost.

If you have any questions or would like some options and costs for your next team building activity, please contact a member of our team.

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  1. Excellent post. We often get asked for team building quotes as if they were ‘off the shelf’ We also explain as per your post that the price is dependent on different factors.

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