Ten Top Team Building Ideas!

Looking for some top team building ideas?  You have come to the right place.

This post will hopefully give you lots of great team building ideas and help to get you on the way to planning  some great team building activities!  Don’t forget, we are always here to help and answer any questions you may have!

Indoor Team Building Ideas

Team Standing together - Team Building IdeasHere are some of our top indoor team building ideas.  these events are great if you and your team would prefer to stay inside!

Plasti-Scene is a new addition to our portfolio and is becoming really popular!  Plasti-Scene is an animation team building activity which lets you experience (at least for a short while) the world of Wallace and Grommit as you create your own plasticine models and then produce a short film clip using stop motion animation!  Plasti-Scene is really flexible and can be tailored to lots of different themes very easily!

Beat The Clock is a great team building idea if you are looking for a high energy team building activity and works really well either on its own or as an energiser during a conference.  Beat The Clock is brilliant if you have a team with a broad range of interests as it includes over 150 different challenges – there is guaranteed to be something for everyone!

Crime Scene Investigation events provide a real insight in to the world of forensic science and crime scenes.  White Rhino offer two different experiences depending on what appeals to you.  “Who Killed Lord Buckley” challenges teams to solve a brutal murder by collecting and analysing evidence from a crime scene, whilst “Awakening The Dead” has groups examining evidence from a “cold case” which was last investigated in the 1970’s!  Both these team building ideas are fantastic fun and are led by experts who provide participants with a fascinating insight!

Outdoor Team Building Ideas

Outdoor team building ideas - pair completing outdoor team building taskThese outdoor team building ideas will hopefully give you some inspiration if you are looking to get out and about with your colleagues!

Corporate Treasure Hunts are always a fantastic choice if you are looking for a fun, interactive outdoor team building activity that will get you and your team out and about.  The GPS treasure hunts that White Rhino offer are great value for money and utilise the latest Samsung Galaxy Tablets and cutting edge GPS software to take treasure hunts to a whole new level!

Crystal Quest is a classic outdoor team building activity and is based loosely around the Crystal Maze television programme.  In teams, participants will face a variety of different challenges with the ultimate aim of collecting as many crystals as possible.  There are lots of different challenges to choose from and this event can be run from 2 hours to a whole day depending on how much time you have available.

Chequered Flag is a fantastic competitive event which also allows participants to get creative as they design and build their own pedal powered karts!  Once the karts are complete and the sponsorship pitches have been finished, it’s time for the teams to get to the race track and battle it out for victory!  This team building idea is perfect if you are looking for an event with some healthy competition!

The Italian Job offer the ultimate team building idea and is the perfect choice if you have a good sized budget!  Your group will be split in to teams of four with each team being given their own Mini for the duration of the event.  teams are challenged with locating as much Gold as possible in the allotted time by completing a series of challenges and tasks!  This outdoor team building idea can be run for three hours or a whole day – it’s up to you!

Corporate Cooking Team Building Ideas

Cookery Team Building Ideas - picture of people making chocolateThese corporate cooking team building ideas are really popular at the moment and with so much flexibility, they can be tailored to accommodate almost any brief.  Here are a few of our favourite cookery team building ideas to get you started!

Chocolate Making is a firm favourite and challenges teams to design, create, and package their own brand of chocolates!  Your expert chocolatier will give a brief demonstration at the start of the event but then it’s down to the teams to make their own chocolate offerings from scratch.  Teams will have lots of flavours, colours, and coatings to get creative with and will also have lots of packaging materials to make their finished products look great!  Naturally all the chocolates made during this event are taken home by the participants!

Strictly Come Dining is the corporate cooking event of choice if you are looking to cook a meal and then enjoy the fruits of your labour afterwards!  Teams will be responsible for cooking a two or three course meal for another team and will be in charge of absolutely everything, right down to the table settings!  Strictly Come Dining can be easily tailored to incorporate most cuisines and is great fun as well as being informative!

The Culinary Generation Game is the perfect team building idea if you are looking for something cookery related, but aren’t too bothered about finishing with a full meal.  This event is fantastic fun and is crammed with lots of different foodie challenges!

We hope you found these team building ideas useful.  Please feel free to post any comments or questions you may have below!

Have a look at our Team Building Activities page for some more fantastic team building ideas!

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