The Best Hands On Team Building Activities

When planning team building activities, people often want something that is ‘hands on’ and that participants can really get stuck in to. We can totally understand this – there is certainly something appealing about hands on team building activities.

A group of people taking part in a hands on team building activity and trying to get a ball into a cup using ropes

What are hands on team building activities?

Different people will undoubtedly have different opinions on what is and isn’t a hands on activity. To us, hands on team building activities are just that – hands on. They will require participants to complete various challenges and tasks that require the use of their hands.

By their very nature, hands on activities will undoubtedly have a physical element to them, but that’s not to say they are overly physical. Hands on events can be creative, skills based, or revolve around problem solving for example.

Why are hands on team building activities so popular?

Hands on team building activities often provide people with the opportunity to do something that they wouldn’t typically do. They will often expose participants to a new environment or situation as well which many people find appealing and exciting.

Although hands on team building activities have mass appeal, we find that they are more popular amongst teams that don’t typically have a physical or ‘hands on’ daily role. For example, if a team is mostly office based, spends most of their time at a desk or in meetings, or is made up of remote employees that work from home a majority of the time.

Our Top 7 Hands On Team Building Activities

There are lots of great hands on activities available and making a decision can be difficult. Hopefully, we have made things a little easier by listing our top 7 hands on team building activities below:

1. The Big Bake

In our view, The Big Bake is the ultimate hands on team building activity. It’s suitable for everyone, is great fun, and leaves everyone with loads of amazing baked goodies to take home or back to the office.

2. The Crystal Challenge

If you are looking to get outside during your event, then The Crystal Challenge is a brilliant option. It is packed full of hands on challenges that will get the blood pumping and the adrenaline flowing!

3. Quboid

Quboid is another brilliant activity that will test even the coolest head! Teams will be challenged to take on a variety of seemingly simple tasks to earn as many points as possible. The question is, can you stay calm under pressure and deliver the goods inside the Quboid?

4. The Chocolatiers Apprentice

The Chocolatiers Apprentice is one of our best sellers and is crammed with chocolatey goodness from start to finish. As well as making their own amazing hand made chocolates, teams will also need to design and create their own packaging and present their box of chocolates to our judges!

5. CSI: Forensic Challenge

This event is all about attention to detail! Your team have been called in to help solve a murder and need to scour the crime scene looking for clues (and red herrings). Once you have gathered the evidence, it’s time to get hands on and start analysing it using various forensic techniques.

6. Art Attack

Art Attack is the ultimate hands on creative activity. Teamwork is absolutely crucial during this activity as teams need to work closely to recreate a masterpiece that has been split into various sections. Get your paintbrushes and aprons ready!!

7. Whacky Races

Looking for a super competitive hands on event? Look no further. Whacky Races is our take on the ever-popular Red Bull Soap Box Race and challenges teams to build, embellish, and race their own pedal-powered karts around our fiendish racetrack.