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Motivate, Engage, Connect

With many people now working from home for extended periods, businesses are facing unprecedented challenges when it comes to motivating their workforce, keeping people engaged, and maintaining morale. In response to this, we are now able to offer a series of fun and inclusive, virtual team building activities that teams and individuals can take part in from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

These activities are suitable for groups of 5, all the way up to 500 and beyond, making them perfect for individual teams or entire companies.

If you are looking for an effective way to keep your team engaged and motivated whilst working remotely, virtual team building activities are a great solution.  Whether used as standalone activities or as part of a virtual away day, these events are the perfect way to stay connected with your colleagues and add a little fun back into the working environment. Face to face team building activities have always been a brilliant way to build rapport and trust within a group, and virtual team building activities are no different.

How do virtual team building activities work?

All of the activities we offer have been designed to be fun, engaging, and suitable for everyone.  Each event is hosted by a dedicated facilitator who will run your event from start to finish.  Virtual events can be run using a variety of video conferencing packages although the most popular options are Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

In advance of your event, we will create an ‘event information’ document which will be sent to you and can then be forwarded to all those taking part.  This will contain all the information they need for the activity including timings, log in details for your video call, and the name and contact number of your event manager.

On the day itself, your dedicated event host will welcome everyone to the activity and explain exactly what’s going to be happening, before the activity begins. They will be on hand throughout the event to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves and also to answer any questions people may have.

At the end of your virtual team building activity, your host will announce the results before bringing the event to a close.

Do people enjoy virtual team building activities?

Yes, absolutely! We have received great feedback from those taking part in the virtual events we offer.  People have found that virtual events have provided a way for them to have a little bit of fun with colleagues and take part in an activity that isn’t anything to do with their day-to-day roles.  They also provide an opportunity for people to socialise (virtually) with people that they may not come into contact with, in the course of their normal working day/week.