image showing people of all ages and genders displayed in square boxes with coloured backgrounds representing virtual team building activities and online games for virtual teams.

The Best Online Team Building Games!

Not just another Zoom call…

Our virtual team building activities and online team building games are the perfect way to add a new dimension to your next virtual meeting or Zoom team building event and are the ideal way to boost engagement, increase interaction, and eliminate the dreaded ‘Zoom Gloom’!  All of our online team building games for virtual teams are great fun, totally interactive, and have been designed to work with large and small groups alike.  They are super simple to set up and we will look after all of the detail, leaving you free to enjoy your activity.

Virtual team building activities can be run across multiple countries and are the perfect way to engage and socialise with colleagues in a totally different way.

We have run online games for virtual teams since March 2020.  As a result, we understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to virtual events.  Fun, engaging, and social activities have always been at the heart of what we do. Virtual team building activities are no different.  Although virtual events present new challenges, they also present new opportunities.  They enable us to connect global teams seamlessly using technology, logistical know-how, and a positive can-do attitude.

Maintain morale; boost engagement!

Homeworking is fast becoming the new ‘normal’.  Businesses are facing unprecedented challenges when it comes to motivating their workforce, keeping people engaged, and maintaining morale. We are proud to offer a series of fun and inclusive virtual team building activities and online team building games that teams can take part in from the comfort and safety of their own homes, whether they be in the UK or further afield.

These activities are suitable for groups of 5, all the way up to 500 and beyond.  This makes them perfect for individual teams or entire companies.

Virtual Team Building Activity FAQ’s

Virtual team building activities can be used as standalone events or as part of a virtual away day. They are the perfect way to stay connected with your colleagues whilst they are working from home. Face to face team building activities have always been a brilliant way to build rapport and trust within a group. We believe online team building games are no different.

How do virtual team building activities work?

All of the online games for virtual teams that we offer are fun, engaging, and suitable for everyone. A dedicated host runs each event from start to finish.

Virtual events are run via video conference using various video conferencing packages, although our preferred option is Zoom. For activities such as Arctic Survival, Virtual Murder Mystery, and Around the World we will split the group into smaller teams. Zoom allows us to easily and smoothly manage the group and teams using the breakout rooms feature. This provides you and the participants with the best possible experience.

Before yout event, we will create an ‘event information’ document which will be sent to you (the event organiser). This can then be forwarded on to all those taking part. This will contain all the information they need for the activity.

Your dedicated event host will welcome everyone to the activity as they join the call on the day itself. They will then explain exactly what’s going to happen during the event. They will be on hand throughout the activity to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves. They will also be able to answer any questions people may have.

At the end of your remote team building event, your host will announce the results. After this, they will bring the event to a close.

No doubt you have plenty of questions and so we have listed some of the most frequently asked questions below:

Do people enjoy virtual team building events?

Yes, absolutely! We have received great feedback from those taking part in the online team building games we offer. These fun virtual events are a great way to improve communication skills. Theya re also a great alternative to book clubs, virtual scavenger hunts, and the ‘truths and a lie‘ game.

Virtual events provide a way for remote workers and teams to have a little bit of fun with colleagues. It is also good for remote employees to take part in an activity that isn’t related to their daily roles. They also provide an opportunity for people to socialise with people that they may not come into contact with.

How long do virtual team building activities last?

This will vary depending on which activity you choose. Typically, virtual team building activities are a little shorter than traditional events. We have found that anywhere from 1 – 2 hours works well. This length of time means we can keep everyone engaged in the activity.

What are your most popular virtual team building activities?

This is a tough one. The most popular challenges seem to change throughout the year. Our top three remote team building activities are:

Arctic Survival virtual escape room

Arctic Survival is our latest virtual escape room activity. It builds on the success of The Art Heist which was the original virtual escape room we offered. This online team building game is packed with lots of clues, challenges, and tasks. It is guaranteed to keep teams engaged and enthralled.

Arctic Survival is probably our most popular Zoom team building activity. It is suitable for groups of 5 to 300 and last for approximately 90 minutes in total.

Virtual Chocolate Challenge

The Virtual Chocolate Challenge is one of our most popular virtual activities and is totally hands-on from start to finish. This event is led by a professional chef, live from a dedicated cookery studio. During the activity, your group will be guided through the various stages of making your very own handmade chocolates from scratch.

Before the event we will send each participant an event hamper. This will contain all of the ingredients they need for the activity. This is a really popular virtual team building activity. It enables the group to do something a bit more physical and get stuck in.

Around the World

Around the World is another superb ‘app-based’ virtual team building activity. This online team game takes participants on a virtual trip around the World. The activity is run using an award-winning app that is crammed with challenges and trivia.

As teams arrive in each country, they will be faced with various photo, video, and trivia challenges. Around the World has been very popular with remote teams that are spread across various countries. This is because of the varied nature of the content and the fact that it has global appeal.

What platforms do you use for virtual team building activities?

Our preferred platform is Zoom. We find it to be the most flexible and easiest to use for this type of event. Guests are able to join the event via a web browser and don’t need to download the Zoom app.

If you aren’t able to use Zoom, that’s no problem at all. We can use other platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Webex as alternatives.

Is it possible for us to stay on the video call after our event has finished?

We get lots of clients asking if they can stay on the call once their Zoom team building event has finished.

We are happy to let you and your team stay on the call if we don’t have another event taking place. This way you can socialise once your virtual team building activity has finished. If you would like to do this please mention it to us when you book. We will always do our best to accommodate.

Can we have a few minutes at the start/end of our activity to welcome everyone and wrap up?

Yes – this is no problem at all. Please let us know who will be doing the introduction or closing remarks before your event. We can let them into the conference call early so that they can then welcome everyone as they arrive. Our event host can also hand back to them at the end of your activity so that they can wrap up.

Virtual Cookery Team Building Activities FAQ’s

Our virtual cookery events are some of our most popular Zoom team building activities. They provide the perfect break from remote working. They are great fun, totally hands-on, and a brilliant way to bring remote teams together! Each activity is hosted by a professional chef who will run your activity via a conference call.

How do your virtual cookery team building activities work?

Our team will send guests an event hamper in advance of each virtual cookery event. This will contain all of the ingredients required for your chosen activity. We will also include a chefs hat and disposable apron too.

On the day of your event, guests will join the video call where they will be greeted by a professional chef. After a short introduction, it’s time to get started. Your head chef will guide participants through every element of the activity.

Will people be able to see what the chef is doing during these activities?

Yes absolutely. During these cookery themed virtual team building activities we use a variety of camera angles. This ensures guests can see exactly what the chef is doing.

Each of these activities also has a production manager allocated to it. They will look after the various technical elements such as camera angles and sound.

Where are the virtual cookery events run from?

Each of the virtual cookery events is run live from a professional cookery studio. As well as being fully equipped for this kind of event, the cookery studios look great too. They really set the scene for your activity from the start.

Are you able to cater for allergies or special dietary requirements?

We certainly are. If any of your guests have specific allergies or special dietary requirements, please let us know as soon as possible. We can usually accommodate most dietary requirements.

What equipment will we need for these virtual cookery activities?

This will vary depending upon the activity chosen. We have designed these activities to be run with equipment that is readily available in most home kitchens. We encourage people NOT to go out and buy any specialist items ahead of the event.

Very often, if guests don’t have a specific piece of equipment a suitable alternative can be found. For example, our favourite ‘swap’ is to use a wine bottle instead of a rolling pin – it works a treat!