Top 10 Skills Required of an Event Organiser

The Skills required of an event organiser are varied and are often dependent upon the type and size of the project they are working on.  In this post, we will take a look at the top 10 skills required of an event organiser.

Corporate event organisers

Be an effective communicator

Communication is absolutely crucial when it comes to event management.  Good corporate event organisers will be confident communicating at all levels, with both individuals and groups.
Corporate event organisers will be in constant contact with the client, keeping them up to date on the latest developments and also addressing any questions they may have.  In addition, they will be in regular contact with all of the suppliers working on the event, ensuring that they know what is required of them and how they fit into the event as a whole.

Able to build relationships

Events are all about people and so it is really important that effective corporate event organisers are able to build solid and genuine working relationships with all of those involved with the event, regardless of how small their contribution is.

Clients place a great deal of trust in corporate event organisers and so it is vital that they share a genuine working relationship.  In order to build a relationship such as this, a corporate event organiser needs to be a professional at all times and act with total integrity in every situation.  They should be personable, easy to talk to, and above all else – be someone you want to work with!

Effective budget management

Each and every event has a budget and it is the responsibility of the corporate event organisers to ensure this budget is met.   The corporate event organiser should have a good understanding of event budgets and also be able to work to specific targets in terms of expenditure.

Where a budget is stretched, it is the responsibility of the corporate event organisers to analyse the budget and highlight areas where savings could be made, without compromising on quality and the overall objectives of the event.

Be well connected

Well connected corporate event organisers will save both time and money, and will also be able to provide a broad range of high-quality suppliers who offer good value for money.  Well connected corporate event organisers will also prove valuable if there are any last-minute requests or unusual demands.

A well connected corporate event organiser will know where to source even the most bizarre items, and if they don’t, they will know someone who does!

Ability to negotiate

Corporate event organisers will often be responsible for sourcing suppliers and negotiating rates with them prior to confirming the booking.  It is important that your event manager has the ability to negotiate with suppliers from a variety of industry sectors to ensure the client receives good value for money.


It goes without saying that corporate event organisers must be well organised and have the ability to multi-task whilst under pressure.  Organisation is vital when it comes to events of any size, but is even more important when dealing with complex, multifaceted events with complicated logistics.


Creativity is an important skill for any corporate event organiser to possess and although it may not be required for every event, many events will require some creative input.  Having creative corporate event organisers will be worth its weight in Gold if you want to keep your events fresh, different, and memorable.


Having a corporate event organiser that is able to think on their feet and develop viable solutions to complicated problems is vital.  Whether it is a last minute change of plan, an unusual request, or a cutting edge requirement, make sure you have an event manager that will pull out all the stops to ensure it gets done!

Teamwork and leadership

There are lots of people involved in any event, all of which need to work as a team in order to ensure success.  People will of course have their own areas of responsibility, but it is vital that your corporate event organisers are able to work as part of the team whilst providing leadership and acting as a focal point for all of the suppliers, crew, and staff associated with the event.

Attention to detail

It is attention to detail that separates a good event from a great event!  The little things make a huge difference and it is vital that your corporate event organisers understand this and has a keen eye for detail.