Wildlife Wins

Our feathered friends need you!  Nest boxes are becoming vital for breeding birds. Wildlife wins challenges guests make their very own cosy bird house to provide a safe space for birds to shelter in the winter and breed in the spring.

Due to tidier gardens and woodland areas, and modern buildings with fewer nooks and crannies, many birds will struggle to find a suitable nesting site for the breeding season. The population of some bird species has decreased, and the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) is now calling for homeowners to put up more nest boxes for declining garden birds.

Teams begin by completing a series of eco and nature themed challenges in order to earn their materials. Activities include audio challenges, like guess the bird from the song, nature-based puzzles and practical challenges such as making eco butterfly and bird feeders, insect house, and as a treat for the bees, bugs and butterflies, teams will hand roll some wildflower seed bombs!

Once teams have earned their equipment, they then work together to assemble their very own bird house (enough for every guest to make one.)

Guests will be guided through each step, assembling the bird box piece by piece. We’ll also give tips on the best places to put them, how to maintain them and how to attract visitors.

At the end of the event guests will have bonded as a team, spent time learning about and appreciating nature and will each have their bird box and goodie bags to take with them – either to use in their own garden or outdoor surroundings, donate or give as a gift.

This activity has been designed to last for around 2 hours and is run indoors.  The event space should be large enough to have one cabaret table per team, plus two trestle tables for the various equipment and materials.

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