Mission Impossible

Good morning Teams. It has recently come to light that hidden deep within the fabric of our society lies an individual with the capacity to cause great harm to our nation. MI5 have a shortlist of 15 suspects and have asked for our help to discover the identity of this “Mole”

……and so begins the briefing for the teams! At the end of the briefing each team is given a dossier which contains a variety of tasks. The dossier is a very important part of the challenge and contains encrypted clues, coded information and hidden ciphers, all of which will be revealed as the mission proceeds.

The core mission is based around a number of outdoor challenges that the teams must undertake such as River Crossing, Unstable Solutions, Safe Crack, GPS orienteering, and Contaminated to name a few. As each task is successfully completed our team of Special Agents will stamp their team packs as “Mission Accomplished”.

The information the teams gather throughout the mission will allow them to access the “Special Agents Dossier” with the profiles and names of the potential Moles. They will then have to use all of the information gathered previously to reveal the name that we are looking for.

This event combines tactical, team tasks with strategic, cerebral thinking.  It’s subtle, it’s clever and teams need to think it through… but is it IMPOSSIBLE?!

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