Game Your Thrones

Game your thrones is a challenging event requiring mental skill and physical ability as teams compete to ascend the throne!

Game Your Thrones aims to challenge each team with riotous tendencies – ensuring only those who work together gain ownership of The Seven Kingdoms. This challenge will involve all of your team in an interactive and exciting themed team building event with the winning team being awarded the honour of reigning supreme!

Giant House banners, a super-sized Iron Throne replica and a series of themed challenges await in this hugely popular Game Your Thrones event! Teams will compete head to head across a selection of four themed challenges – before the exhilarating finale and access to the Iron Throne

With intriguing titles ranging from White Walker Wipeout to Mother of Dragons (see below), each of the unique themed challenges has a Mental, Physical or Skill slant, meaning that this event has something challenging for everyone.

The event concludes with the finale as each house pulls together to beat their opponents. All activity takes place under the watchful eye of The King. Does your team have what it takes?

Wild Fire

Each team must successfully carry buckets of highly flammable ‘Wild Fire’ between platforms, using only the equipment provided. Coins are awarded to teams with the most ‘Wild Fire!’

White Walker Wipeout

Armed with crossbows, teams will attempt to shoot down our target pigeons… if successful, this earns them a shot at the terrifying ‘White Walker’ zombie from whom they must draw blood!

Mother of Dragons

Can you not only steal dragon eggs, but also transport them safely to a new nest? Dexterity and a steady hand are required in this fiendish challenge, as teams race head to head in their quest.

Free House

One of your teams has been taken prisoner and locked into stocks – whilst the rest of the team has been blindfolded! To free themselves, the prisoner must direct their team to solve the jigsaw-style puzzle to earn release.

The Finale

Having earned coins on each challenge, these will be exchanged for ‘Wild Fire’ Capsules which are to be fired from catapults – attempting to knock down the White Walkers to defend Castle Black!

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