Team Apprentice

Do you think you and your colleagues have what it takes to beat the world’s most belligerent boss?! ‘

The apprentices’ has been specifically designed to bring out all the core business attributes in you and your group, including leadership, delegation, commercial awareness & above all, team work! Teams begin by inventing a new product. The brief can be anything from a new household invention, game, or office accessory – the only limit is their imaginations!

To make their product a success, they must excel against their competitors in some business-themed challenges:

Innovative Inventions

Using the materials provided, they must create a working prototype of their new invention.

Battle of the Brands

Teams must turn their product into a brand, giving it a catchy name and logo. They must identify their target market to ensure that their choice of logo and colours will appeal to the right audience and have “shelf appeal” compared to their competitors!

Business Plan

Teams must then decide on how they intend to market their market, where it will be sold and how they will attract customers.

Commercial Break

Teams use the props and costumes provided to compose a 30 second advert.

Show Me the Money

Resources are priced, so teams will need to negotiate the best deals and keep an eye on their costs. They must then calculate a Recommended Retail Price that will make them the best profit.

Punchy Promotions

As a bonus task, teams can also produce promotional products by painting their own branded mugs, T shirts and tote bags.

Pitch Perfect

Teams then pitch their product, brand and marketing strategy in a presentation to the judges before performing their advert in a fun finale!

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