Virtual Chocolate Challenge

Someone making chocolates during a virtual chocolate making event

Participants will enter the world of a professional Chocolatier as they tackle this virtual chocolate making challenge!

Hosted by a professional chef, participants will get hands-on right from the start as they learn how to make the ganache, the art of tempering chocolate, and dipping and decorating techniques.

We will deliver all of the necessary ingredients direct to participants in advance of the activity.  On the day, your very own professional chef will be on hand throughout the event to answer any questions the participants may have and to share plenty of tips and tricks.

The Virtual Chocolate Making Challenge can be run in two different formats, depending upon your group size and objectives.

Option 1 – Chocolate Workshop

The chocolate workshop is a more relaxed format where participants can focus on making and decorating their delicious, handmade chocolates.  There is no competitive element to this format and the entire group would remain on the same video call for the duration of the activity.  At the end of the event, each participant will have created approximately 20 handmade chocolate truffles which they can enjoy.

Option 2 – Chocolatiers Apprentice

If you would like to add a competitive twist to your virtual team building activity, then this format is perfect.  Just like with the Chocolate Workshop, everyone will stay within the same video call for the instructional and chocolate making elements of the activity.  Once this part of the event is complete, teams must decide on a daring and diverse concept to break into the chocolate market.  We will allocate each team their own virtual chat room where they will need to decide upon the branding, USP, box design and marketing pitch for their new chocolates.

At the end of the activity, each group will be invited back into the main vide call where a team representative will deliver their winning pitch to the chef (and head judge)!

How do virtual team building activities work?

This activity is run remotely using a video conferencing package such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams.  This allows participants located across the country to take part in a fun and engaging team activity with their colleagues without leaving their homes. Each event is hosted live from start to finish by a professional chef to ensure everyone has a great time.

In advance of your activity, each participant will be sent an ‘event parcel’ containing all of the ingredients required for the activity, a disposable apron, chefs hat, and equipment list. Participants will need to provide some basic kitchen equipment (bowls, forks, spoons, etc).

We will also provide the organiser with an ‘event information’ document prior to the activity which they can forward to all those taking part.  This document will include a short description of the activity, the confirmed timings, access details for your video call, and the name and contact number for your event manager.

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