What is team building?

Team building can mean different things to different people but we would define team building as:

Team building is the process of creating, developing, and strengthening relationships within a team with the goal of improving the dynamics, efficiency, and ultimately performance of a team.

Pyramid of plasticing blovks with the word 'TEAM' on the bottom row.

Who is team building for

Any group of people that work together (either physically or remotely) can benefit from team building. Whether that’s sports teams, companies and organisations, youth groups, schools and colleges, or charities.

Team building can take place within teams of all sizes. To get the most from any team building, it should be adapted to suit your specific requirements, aims, and objectives.

Methods of team building

There are lots of options when it comes to team building.

Team building activities are a great way to create, develop, and strengthen relationships within a team. As well as proving a fun shared experience for everyone taking part, they can also focus on specific areas such as problem solving, managing conflict, or communication.

Team building activities are a more formal way of team building and are a great addition to a company meeting, conference, or company away day.

Social events are another great way of team building. This type of event is usually much more relaxed and allows people to get to know their team mates and colleagues in a more informal, unpressurised environment away from the workplace.

Benefits of team building

The benefits of team building are numerous. From developing those all-important soft skills to building better relationships with teammates and colleagues. Team building can have a huge positive impact on individuals, teams, and entire organisations.

When you run team building

Team building can take place at any time but to get the most impact consider putting together a schedule or programme of events. For example, you could plan to have two more formal team building activities spread throughout the year (Summer and Winter perhaps). You could then schedule 4 company social events spread evenly throughout the year.

By doing this you are creating a good team building structure whereby you are doing something every couple of months.