A large group of people at a corporate away day, all litening to a speaker at the front of a confenrece room.

Hassle free corporate away days for 20 – 250 people!

White Rhino are the experts when it comes to planning hassle-free corporate away days.  Whether your event will last for a single day or much longer, we are here to make planning your next corporate away day an absolute breeze.  From finding the perfect venue, to choosing a fun and engaging team building activity. We are here to help you every step of the way.

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Corporate away days at a glance

The great thing about away days is that they do not have to run to any specific format, guidelines, or rules.  They can be designed to run however you want.  There are however certain formats that are really popular and work very.  We have highlighted these below:

Classic Corporate Away Day

Classic corporate away days last for a single day.  They will usually consist of a half-day meeting, followed by an energising lunch, and a fun team building activity in the afternoon.  Tea and coffee breaks during the day are also usually included.  Take a look at our sample ‘Classic away day itinerary‘ for a better idea of how this type of event would run.

Away Day & Overnight Stay

The away day & overnight stay option is almost identical to the ‘classic’ away day.  The main difference is the addition of an evening meal, overnight accommodation, and breakfast the following morning.  This is a great option if you have people travelling from different offices/locations or you would like to use a venue that is slightly further away from the office. Have a look at our ‘Overnight away day itinerary‘ to see how this option would work.

Bespoke Events

Don’t worry if you are looking for your next away day to be different from the examples above. We are happy to create an away day tailored to your exact requirements.