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Make your next corporate away day unforgettable!

White Rhino are the experts when it comes to planning hassle-free company away days.  Whether your event will last for a single day or much longer, we are here to make planning your next company away day an absolute breeze and have lots of great team away day ideas for you.  From finding the perfect venue to choosing a fun and engaging team building activity. We are here to help you every step of the way.

Most corporate away days will typically require two main items – a venue and a team building activity.

Finding a great away day venue for your next company away day

If you haven’t already got a venue for your corporate away day, this is a great place to start.

Hotels and conference centres are the most popular choices as they are able to offer lots of the facilities you will need and are often able to offer ‘delegate rates’ which are a single cost per person which will include everything you need for the duration of your away day such as venue hire, tea/coffee breaks, basic AV equipment such as a projector and screen, and some lunch.

We have written a whole blog post that explains the different kinds of delegate rates that are available.

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Picking the perfect activity for your company away day

Once you have a venue you can start searching for the perfect team building activity to include in your event.  Again, there are lots of options – whether it’s an indoor team building activity like our ever-popular CSI: Forensic Challenge or and outdoor team building event such as The Crystal Challenge.  If a cooking team building event is more up your street, then maybe our Big Bake event would be the icing on the cake?!

All of the team building activities we offer are professionally run, fully staffed by an experienced team, and completely mobile.  This means we will come to your chosen venue, set everything up, run your activity, make sure everyone has a great time, and then clear everything away at the end.

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How can we help plan your next corporate away day?

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to team building activities and we have a huge selection of events for you to choose from.  We are always happy to offer advice and guidance on what activities we think would work best for your particular event or group.

As well as providing an unbeatable team building activity for your next corporate away day, we are also able to help you find the perfect venue.  Having worked with countless away day venues throughout the UK since 2007, we are confident that we can find you the ideal location to host your next away day.

How are corporate away days structured?

The great thing about away days is that they do not have to run to any specific format, guidelines, or rules.  They can be designed to run however you want.  There are however certain ‘tried and tested’ formats that are popular and work very.  We have highlighted these below:

The classic corporate away day

The classic away day is the most popular format we run.  This is a single day event with half of the day (usually the morning) dedicated to meetings, presentations, and business updates, followed by an afternoon of fun with one of our amazing team building activities.  This option will usually also include lunch and tea and coffee breaks spread throughout the day.

Take a look at our sample ‘classic away day itinerary‘ for a better idea of how this type of event would run.

Why not include an overnight stay as part of your away day?

If you have a slightly larger budget or have people travelling from further afield, then incorporating and overnight stay into your away is a great idea.  As well as the overnight stay itself, this would also give you the opportunity to include an evening meal into your event itinerary.  This is often a great opportunity for everyone to wind down at the end of a great day and socialise with their colleagues.

Have a look at our ‘overnight away day itinerary‘ to see an example schedule for this type of event.

Let us take the hassle out of planning your next company away day

If you have been asked to plan your next company away day and need some expert help to ensure it is the best one yet, you’re in the right place.

We are able to provide you with a proposal containing a selection of great activities and fantastic venue options to discuss with your team.

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