CSI: Forensic Challenge

Step into the world of crime scene investigation with this amazing CSI team building activity.

CSI: Forensic Challenge is the ultimate CSI team building activity and is your chance to unravel a mystery using some of the latest forensic detective technology. At the start of your activity guests will be welcomed by our lead detective who will set the scene and present the group with their challenge. Over the course of the event, using a real process of investigation, teams must try and solve the mystery and identify the murderer and motive.

After the initial briefing and once participants have had a chance to don their white forensic overalls, mask, and gloves your CSI team building activity really begins. Each team will be provided with their own “Crime File”, which contains everything they need to know about the investigation. We will also present the teams with the cold, hard facts and visual evidence of a real-life crime.

Led by our chief investigator, teams will learn how to properly examine a crime scene and gather as much evidence as possible. Using a variety of forensic techniques, teams will then need to analyse this evidence in order to narrow down their list of suspects and eventually find the killer.

During the activity, teams will experience:

  • Simulated blood typing
  • Blood spatter analysis
  • Fingerprinting
  • Glass analysis
  • Luminol detection of simulated blood
  • DNA analysis.

Your team will also need to use their observational skills to create a composite sketch of a suspect using the same software used by police agencies around the world.

Before your CSI team building activity begins, our team will transform your meeting or conference room into the ‘Operations Hub’ where teams will carry out their investigations.  They will also set up a crime scene in the room.  Teams will be able to visit this crime scene throughout the event to gather evidence and also find clues to help with the investigations.

CSI: Forensic Challenge is one of our most popular team building activities and is great fun!


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