5 unique corporate hospitality events your clients probably won’t have done before…

Unique corporate hospiatlity eventsFootball matches, horse racing, tennis tournaments, and cricket games are all well and good, but if you’re looking a more unique corporate hospitality experience for your clients, where do you start?

We have put together a list of 5 unique corporate hospitality events that are perfect for entertaining valued clients and are, in all likelihood, experiences that they won’t have had before.

Dinner in the Sky

If you (and your clients) have a head for heights and really want to push the boat out on something truly unique, memorable (and a little bit scary), then Dinner in the Sky is just what you need!  Suspended 150 feet in the air underneath a crane, you and your guests will enjoy amazing Michelin starred cuisine whilst taking in the panoramic sights of your chosen destination – amazing!

This unique corporate hospitality event isn’t for the feint hearted and doesn’t come cheap, but if you want something with the WOW factor, this is it!

Top Gun Aerobatic Experience

Do you fancy yourself as a fighter pilot?  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience the incredible aerobatics you see in the Red Bull air race?  Well guess what – this is your chance!  During a full day, you and your guests will not only take part in an air combat sortie with an ex-military fast jet pilot, but also experience first-hand the amazing capabilities of a Red Bull style race plane.

Once the adrenaline has subsided and you all have a glass of Champagne in hand, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your own aerobatic display.

Unique corporate hospiatlity events 2

Luxury Sailing Day

If you would rather stay a little closer to the ground, a luxury sailing day could be the perfect choice.  If you and your guests want to be hands on and get stuck in then a luxury sailing yacht is definitely the best option and the crew will put you to work hoisting sails, trimming the jib, and a whole host of other tasks you’ve probably never heard of.  If on the other hand you would rather take in the sights, enjoy some delicious food, and sip Champagne with your guests, an ultra-luxurious powerboat is the way forward.

Rest assured, whichever option you choose you and your guests will be well fed, well-watered, and well looked after from start to finish.  Don’t forget your sun cream!

VIP Hot Air Balloon Trip

If you are looking for an event that’s a little more relaxed, a hot air balloon trip is ideal.  Experience the almost eerie peace and tranquillity as you soar across the countryside suspended underneath a magnificent hot air balloon.

The great thing about corporate hot air balloon trips is that they can be run from so many different venues and can be combined with drinks and canapes to welcome your guests, and a sumptuous gourmet meal once everyone is safely back on terra firma.  If you or you guests fancy a slightly more hands on experience they can help with the setup of the balloon and associated equipment (which i half the fun in our opinion).

Unique corporate hospiatlity events 3

Private Climb at ‘Up at The O2’

Want something a bit more physical?  No problem.  Up at The O2 is a brilliant choice if you have a group of clients with plenty of energy and are looking for something a little different which can easily be done one evening after the office is closed.  Private climbs are available for up to 30 people and guests will be rewarded at the top with stunning 360 degree views over the London skyline.

The experience will last for around 90 minutes in total, after which you can treat guests to drinks or a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants housed at the O2 or maybe even in one of the private venues available to hire at The O2.

Do you have some bright ideas for unique corporate hospitality events?  Let us know what you think would make a truly memorable corporate hospitality experience in the comments section below!

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