image showing people of all ages and genders displayed in square boxes with coloured backgrounds representing virtual team building activities and online games for virtual teams.

At a venue; In the office; From home – All at the same time!

Hybrid team building activities are highly engaging, fully inclusive, and extremely flexible.  They enable teams to work together and take part in a single activity whether they’re in the office, at a venue, or at home.

As live face-to-face team building activities begin to return, it is likely that some people are either not able or don’t feel comfortable attending events in person. In this situation, hybrid team building activities are the ideal solution as they allow everyone to feel involved and take part, whether they are at home, in the office, or at a venue.

We have a variety of different hybrid team building activities for you to choose from, all of which use a unique gameplay app that enables us to connect participants from multiple locations through a single, interactive activity.

Socially Distant and COVID Friendly Hybrid Team Building Activities

All of the app-based hybrid team building activities we offer are played in ‘Captain/Player’ mode which requires one person in each team to be the ‘team captain’.  the team captain will be the only person able to answer questions, however, all players will see the question on their own device to enable discussion and team strategy. By running the activities in this way, participants do not have to share a device and can maintain a safe distance from other players whilst still working as a team.

Total Flexibility

We appreciate that with so much uncertainty surrounding face-to-face events at the moment, flexibility is really important.  Should the worst happen and restrictions be tightened again, your chosen hybrid team building activity can be run as a virtual team building activity instead so that you and your team can still enjoy a fun, engaging event.  Likewise, if all your guests decide to attend in person – that’s no problem either.

Fully Inclusive

Hybrid team building activities allow everyone to take part and get involved, regardless of where they are.  Each of the activities has been designed so that it has broad appeal and can be enjoyed by all.

How do hybrid team building activities work?

Our hybrid solutions are run using a unique app that each participant can download onto their smartphone or tablet ahead of the event.  On the day itself, your group (whether they are at home, in the office, or at a venue) will be briefed by one of our experienced event facilitators live via video link.  Once the initial briefing is complete, your facilitator will split the group into teams of 4-6 people, according to location (home, office, venue, etc.). Once the group has been split into teams – it’s time to get cracking!

At the end of the activity, your facilitator will bring everyone back together to announce the results and declare the winners.

How do you manage the teams with people being in different locations?

We would recommend splitting teams according to location so that all those taking part in the office, for example are split into teams, all those playing virtually from home are split into teams, and all those at the event venue are split into teams.  We find that this is the best solution and provides the best experience for everyone taking part.

How do we access the video link for the team briefing and results?

In advance of the event, we will send you a Zoom link which will be used for the initial briefing and results sessions.  if you are taking part from a venue or the office you can simply log into the Zoom call and display it on a large screen or projector so that everyone can see. If you are playing from home, it’s even easier! Just log into the Zoom call from your laptop or desktop.

How long do these activities last?

The duration of your activity will vary depending on which one you choose.  Most will last for around 90 minutes from start to finish which includes time for the initial briefing, the activity itself, and a brief results session at the end.