Drum Beats

Drum Beats is a fantastic musical event that will have participants playing a variety of different rhythms and beats cohesively to create their very own sound! Drum Beats starts as your delegates enter the room to find an array of stunning drums from all over the world awaiting them on each & every chair.  As they take their seats, our experts perform Global rhythms in a small example of how they will sound at the end of the session!

Within seconds our highly motivated team will have everyone learning the basic skills & rhythms needed to build your powerful percussion band.

Once everyone has grasped the basics, our facilitators will get your group playing many different rhythms, layering each one on top of the other to create the ‘groove’!

Using the metaphor of a functioning orchestra/rhythm section and unique physical mental tasks…participants will be guided through a highly entertaining, personal and powerful experience.

As the participants progress through their sound adventure, the whole event will build in pace & intensity until the explosive finale.

The Finale

With the Drum Master at the helm; all that is left to do is breakout the Samba whistles, up the tempo and lead the entire group in their very own hair raising finale!

As the drum master layers each of the signature rhythms one on top of the other, your unique company sound will start to emerge.

Soloists will be encouraged to play the mighty African tribal ‘NGOMA’ Drum…all to the background of their colleagues pulsing rhythm

Without realising, participants will be reacting on many new levels, supporting each other, achieving success, and having fantastic fun as our Drum Master takes them through an experience they will never forget!

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