Lots of LEGO figures standing together with their arms raised.
Team filming a movie using LEGO and an iPad.
Team moving LEGO figures as part of a stop motion animation movie.

Blockbusters is the ultimate LEGO team building activity that challenges teams to create their very own animated movie using a plethora of LEGO figures and sets provided.

LEGO is loved throughout the World by children and adults alike and provides the perfect medium for this stop motion animation activity.  At the very start of your Blockbusters LEGO team building event, teams are given their brief which will outline the subject of their films.

The subject cam be anything from and could take the form of a short film, documentary, comedy sketch, or music video for example. Themes can also easily be linked to a particular message or theme specific to your team or company if you would prefer.

Once teams have their briefs, it’s time to start planning. Teams will use storyboards to plan their films and will also need to assign their team roles. There is plenty for everyone to do and each team will need people responsible for directing, building, filming, sound recording, voice overs and editing.

Armed with all the equipment they will need such as tripods, lighting and microphone booms, teams can finally start getting creative and filming their masterpieces. All of the teams will have access to a huge selections of LEGO sets and scenery, characters, and props which they can use to make their films stand out from the crowd.

Once the film are “in the can” the next step is to edit them. This is where the magic happens and teams will be able to zoom, cut, and add various image and sound effects. They can also add music to create their soundtrack.

Now that all of the films are finished the grand finale is the movie premiere where each film is shown on a large screen.

Blockbusters is a great team building activity and is a brilliant way to promote effective communication, co-ordination, creativity, healthy competition, and leadership within a team.

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