Pizza Perfect

Pizza Perfect challenges teams to deliver a pizza franchise concept to our panel of judges in the boardroom!  We will expect to see not only your signature pizza, but also at least two side orders which can be anything from an “Insalata” (Italian salad) to some classic focaccia bread.

After a short pizza-making demonstration from our expert pizza chefs, the challenge will be laid down!  Participants will first need to name and brand their new Pizza franchise, before designing a takeaway box ready to deliver their signature Pizza to the board room.

Once this is done, the team can start to create the Pizza for which their new restaurant will be famed! Together they will have to create and bake a unique signature pizza using our mobile cooking stations whilst being conscious of budgeting and ingredient selection to ensure their creation is profitable!

Your final pitch is vital and communicating the concept of your new pizzeria and its signature dish must be assured.  Timings are essential as points will be deducted for cold or soggy based pizzas!

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