Mobile Escape Rooms

Escape The Room is the ultimate mobile escape room team building activity where teams can take on up to 3 different rooms! Each immersive mobile escape room will challenge teams with a series of twists and turns that are guaranteed to keeps everyone on their toes!

The ultimate mobile escape room experience!

As teams enter each ‘escape room‘, the resident room guardian will provide them with a background briefing and lay out the challenge that faces them, after which, the clock will start ticking! Teams will have just 45 minutes in each mobile escape room to unravel a cunning trail of hidden clues, riddles, tasks, and conundrums in order to successfully complete each fiendishly clever scenario!

After each room is completed teams will have a short 15-minute break before taking on their next mobile escape room challenge. Depending upon the time you have available, you can choose to take 1, 2 or 3 unique rooms during this activity.

Escape the Room can be run anywhere in the UK and is a completely mobile escape room challenge.  All that is required is a small meeting/syndicate/board room for each ‘escape room’. All props, equipment, clues, riddles, and tasks are provided and set up at your desired location by an experienced and professional event team who will then run your event from start to finish.

Escape the Room is suitable for 6-40 participants and we would usually split groups into teams of 6-10. We can have four teams completing rooms simultaneously meaning that everyone is engaged and active all of the time.

Choose from four brilliantly themed mobile escape rooms!


Teams find themselves inside a science laboratory where they need to unravel the work of a crazed scientist and find the antidote to a poisonous gas that they have inadvertently released in the lab! Will you be able to make sense of the experiments or will you be baffled by the mad scientist’s brilliance??


Can you and your team break out of this high-security prison by unravelling the clues and finding all the hidden items you need to make your escape possible?

The Bunker

Your team of coder breakers need to be in top form as they piece together the plethora of information that ‘The Bunker’ conceals. Your mission is time critical so you will all need to work together in order to succeed!

Treasure Island

In this pirate-themed mobile escape room, you and your team will need to escape the clutches of a band of bloodthirsty pirates before your time runs out and you are made to walk the plank! You will need to find your inner ‘seadog’ to crack this room in the allotted time or you could find that you and your team are destined to ‘feed the fish’!

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