Scrapheap Challenge

Scrapheap challenge is the ultimate test of imagination and improvisation and challenges teams to construct their own ingenious contraption using the items they can scavenge from our ‘scrapheap’.

This collaborative event of problem solving and teamwork, is designed to bring the group together by pooling resources and ideas in order to overcome the daunting task that is facing them!
At the start of the event the wider group will be split into smaller teams to make sure everyone is fully engaged and has plenty to do.

Following a briefing and from the event team, teams will be confronted with a pile of equipment which at first glance may appear destined for the scrapyard… However, using Rube Goldberg principles, each team is tasked with creating a chain reaction within their allotted zone – which must eventually link up with all other zones to create a giant and visually striking chain reaction as the grand finale.

The event will likely remove some guests from their comfort zone, with an amount of trial and error likely to challenge guests creativity and patience – which is where collaboration between the wider group will become crucial, as they swap both ideas and equipment to overcome the fiendish challenge ahead!

Underlining the importance placed on groups working both as separate units and as one body, Scrapheap Challenge literally builds to a grand finale where individual elements built by each team are brought together, and the teams unite to achieve their common goal.

Designed to take place on a flat outdoors space, each group is allocated an area in which they are responsible for creating their part of the machine, along with an amount of seemingly random equipment such as drainpipes, bike wheels, water containers, skateboard, wooden blocks, golf balls etc.

Scrapheap Challenge is a fun, creative, high-energy team building activity which is great for groups of up to 190 guests.

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