Missing Link

The ultimate event of collaboration, ingenuity, creativity, and of course, teamwork.  Missing Link is a fun and visually striking activity that perfectly demonstrates the importance of collaborative working.

Missing Link underlines the importance placed on groups, working both as separate units and all together as one body. The event literally builds up to a grand finale where individual elements are all brought together and the teams unite to achieve a common goal!

During this activity, each team of 5 people will be tasked with creating one module of a giant machine.  As the teams read their briefs, they will soon realise that they must communicate and cooperate with, rather than compete against the other teams in order to build their module.

Machine modules are allocated to each team as they endeavour to correctly build their section of the mysterious ‘Missing Link’ machine. Only when each section is correctly assembled and linked together can the machine be tested…and the group achieve success!

It is tense and it is sometimes exasperating, but above all it proves that working together can be lots of fun and very rewarding.

Designed to take place in your conference room, Missing Link is a unique, memorable, high quality event. Each team must complete an individual construction task with limited information – all elements are supplied.

Aided by our Event Managers, teams will build their individual modules and then link them all together. In the fun finale, guests will see the entire machine working together as a whole, as they see their hard work come to life!

The objectives achieved by this event include teamwork, collaboration, time management, creative thinking, communication and problem solving.

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