Spy School: Training

You and your team have been enrolled in Spy School. Who will complete their training and crack the case in time?

Working together through three levels of top-secret training, you’ll have to prove yourselves as worthy agents by completing interactive photo, video and problem-solving challenges. Only when you have your training badges will you be able to apply your new skills on your first official mission!

Learn to become the ultimate agent with this high-energy, competitive virtual team building challenge! Our latest virtual team building activity, Spy School: Training is designed to put your teamwork, communication and memory to the test.

Channel your inner James Bond to crack cryptic clues and decipher your way through a myriad of top-secret training tasks. But as any good spy knows, you’ll also need your very best disguises for a creative challenge or two! It’s a race against the clock to earn your badges and embark on your first mission.

One of our highly experienced espionage experts will kick things off with a top-secret briefing, detailing your training and your first official covert mission.

Working in teams of 4-6 players, teams must progress through three stages of spy training as quickly as possible, while solving cryptic puzzles, codes and creative tasks as they go. Each time a team completes a stage, they will receive a training badge.

Using their own smartphone devices and video conferencing software, participants must then use their newfound knowledge and skills to work out who killed Number 1.

The aim of the game is simple: Complete your training, earn your badges and solve the case, all before you run out of time.

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