Art Attack

Art Attack is a brilliant creative team building activity that is suitable for everyone and will get teams and individuals working together in no time!  Once they have set up their easels that is…The challenge set before the teams is to recreate a classic work of art that has been separated in to lots of different sections.  Each team will be given their own section of the masterpiece to work on during the activity, but the key to success is communication between all of the different teams.

To make sure the end result lives up to expectations, teams must talk to each other throughout the activity, making sure they are mixing colours correctly, drawing lines that will match up, and using the right amount of paint on the canvasses!

At the end of the event all of the different sections are placed together in the correct order for the very first time, before the perfect (hopefully) recreation of the original artwork is unveiled to rapturous applause (and hopefully no puzzled looks)!

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