Terrarium Masterclass

Group taking part in a terrarium making mindfulness team building activity
Terrariums on a table
Close up of a terrarium being made
Lots of finished terrariums on a trolley aftwer a mindfulness team building activity

During this relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable terrarium making activity, guests can bring a bit of nature indoors by creating a ‘jarden’ – a living garden in a jar!

Terrariums are essentially mini gardens that are usually created inside small, glass jars.  As well as being fun to create, they are perfect for the home or even the desktop if you would like to bring a little nature indoors.

Your terrarium masterclass will start with a demonstration from one of the terrarium experts who will also share some fascinating facts about the history of terrariums and how they work. Once this is over, it’s time for guests to get their hands dirty!

Your terrarium expert will guide guests through each step teaching guests various planting techniques, how to build each layer and how each layer contributes to the overall wellbeing of this self-sustaining eco-system.

We’ll also give the playful guests among the group ideas on how to embellish their terrariums with figures such as animals, characters and dinosaurs to create their own ‘jardener’s world’!
Not only do terrariums look stunning but they are also wonderfully low maintenance. We’ll give advice on how to care for them so that even the self-confessed plant killers can get theirs to thrive and eventually take care of themselves!

Under the right conditions, a perfectly balanced, closed terrarium could last a lifetime, and should never need watering, making them an eco-friendly alternative to houseplants or cut flowers (The longest known terrarium has lasted on its own for 53 years!).

At the end of the activity, guests will have a beautiful handmade terrarium to take home or back to the office to bring a bit of nature indoors. As if this wasn’t enough, guests will also have the knowledge and skills to make more in the future.

This terrarium making masterclass is a great indoor team building activity and usually lasts for around 1 – 1 1/2 hours.

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