Let’s Get Quizzical

Give your team a well-deserved boost with this action-packed Team Quiz!

Do not fear; this isn’t just your average quiz – with a mix of trivia challenges and fun, creative tasks, there is sure to be something for everyone. Best of all, people are able to participate in the office or home, in person or virtually, in the UK or abroad – everyone can join the fun!

Made up of three interactive rounds, the Let’s Get Quizzical team quiz has been designed to keep teams connected and engaged and encourages participants to let their hair down and have a laugh. It’s the perfect interactive activity to combat loneliness and prevent isolation whilst working remotely.

Following an upbeat virtual briefing from one of our fabulous presenters, round 1 has each team of 4-6 people working together, whether in person or virtually, through a video call. A bonus round follows back in the main meeting room. This is a hands-on, creative photo task for which each player will individually score points for their submission, which will count towards their team’s final score.
Round 2 brings the ‘Picture Round’, where players will be shown a series of images on a screen by the presenter. They will be asked a question about the image, which they will need to answer through the app before time runs out! Once again, for this round, each player will be working individually to add to their team’s point tally.

After Round 2, everyone will be sent back into their team rooms to work on another creative video challenge, this time to be completed as a team.  The third and final round provides a quick-fire finale, where teams will be battling against the clock to complete as many questions as possible before the timer hits zero.

How does the activity work?

This virtual escape room team building activity is ‘app-based’ and is run using two pieces of software.  The first is a gameplay app which each participant will need to download onto their smartphone or tablet.  The second is Zoom (although we can use other platforms if required).

What do I need to do before the event?

Very little.  Before your virtual escape room activity, we will send you a detailed ‘event information sheet’ with all of the information you and your teammates will need.  This will include the confirmed date and time of your event, the name of your dedicated event host who will run your activity, and of course, the Zoom link that everyone will need to access the call.  All you need to do is send this information sheet to all those taking part,  – let us look after the rest!

What happens on the day of my event?

On the day itself, everyone will be welcomed to the event by your event host as soon as they join the Zoom call.  Once everyone has arrived, your event host will explain exactly what will happen during your activity and answer any initial questions.

How many people will be in each team?

For this virtual escape room team building activity, we would recommend having around 5 people per team.  Once your host has welcomed everyone and explained what will be happening during the activity, they will split the group into random teams and allocate each team a private ‘Zoom Room’ where they can discuss tactics, answers, and clues.  This is also where teams will complete their challenge using the gameplay app.

How many hosts/facilitators will be running my event?

For this event, we will have one event host/facilitator for every 50 participants.  They will remain on your Zoom call for the duration of your event to make sure everything runs smoothly and answer any questions participants may have.

What happens at the end of my event?

Towards the end of your event, your event host will bring all of the teams back into the main ‘Zoom Room’ where they will run through the results and declare the winners. Once the results are announced and the ‘wrap up’ has finished, your hosts will leave the Zoom call and end the session.

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