Sculpture Club

Sculpture club is a hands on creative team building activity that challenges teams to design and then create their own team sculptures.

The brief given to the teams could be something that reflects the team, their work, the company, core company values, or something that fits in with the theme of the conference/event.

Once teams have a subject in mind, they can then choose from a wide variety of media to create their masterpiece! Teams form their structure with wire before cladding it with plaster of Paris bandages, paper mâché, fabrics, cardboard, foam and recycled “scrap”.

Sculptures can then be decorated with paints, pens, sequins, embellishments and an abundance of knicks, knacks, bits and bobs!

At the end of the activity, teams’ sculptures will be displayed and presented to the rest of the group. Representatives from each team will describe what they have made and how it reflects their chosen theme.

This event can be held as a competition, with a prize for the winning team, or can be run as a collaborative event where the reward is for everyone to socialise whilst enjoying the “sculpture gallery” together!

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